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Google Home vs Amazon Echo India focus comparison

Like some of the other inventions in recent times, such as smartwatches and tablets, home assistants is a category of products that often sees mixed..

Week 15 in review: OnePlus 6 tops the chart in a week of leaks and announcements

As we close the page on the 15 week of the year, we can mark it as a good one. It had a few announcements and it brought some nice leaks, so a little

Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium arrives with dual cameras and 4K HDR screen

It is still Monday but Sony already delivered what will likely be the biggest announcement of the week. The Japanese company just introduced its first

Honor 10 specs confirmed by TENAA

Specs of Honor 10, expected to arrive globally on May 15, already appeared in the wild 10 days ago. Now

US bans ZTE from buying Qualcomm chipsets for seven years

ZTE can't buy Qualcomm chips anymore, following a decision by the US Department of Commerce. It punishes the Chinese company for violating the te

Apple watchOS to gain support for third-party watch faces

A future version of Apple watchOS is likely to bring a major change: the ability for third-party developers to create custom watch faces. As of now, t

Essential Phone currently going for $399 in US

The second generation Essential Phone might not be very far now (the company has even started promising improvements), but for those who are planning

iOS 12 - our hopes and expectations

With only a couple of months to go until iOS 12 is revealed, what would we like to see.

Samsung partners with BuzzFeed and The Dodo to push Galaxy S9 Super Slow-mo videos

Samsung has announced a partnership with BuzzFeed and The Dodo to push Super Slow-mo videos created with the Galaxy S9 and S9+. While Sony was first t